Northeastern Qualifies Nine for National Tournament

Northeastern Qualifies Nine for National Tournament

Feb. 16, 2019, Sterling, Colo. — Northeastern Junior College hosted the Rocky Mountain District Tournament at the Bank of Colorado Event Center on Saturday, February 16.  The four teams competing were, Northeastern Junior College (NJC), Otero Junior College (OJC), Northwest College (NC), and Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC). This tournament serves as the qualifier for the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) National Tournament, which will take place in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Each of the 10 weight classes will send two individuals to the tournament with five additional wrestlers getting a bid with wild cards. 

The opening round featured all teams each trying to earn their spot in the final match. First place winners automatically advance to nationals with the true second place finishers also qualifying. 

Full results below (asterisks indicate those who qualify for NJCAA National Tournament): 

Team Champions

Western Wyoming Community College 

Team Runner Up

Northeastern Junior College 


1.            Dalton Stutzman* (WWCC)

2.            Cian Apple* (NJC)

3.            Dawson Barfuss (NC) 


1.            Quintel Fuchs* (NJC)

2.            Boburjon Berdiyorov* (NC)

3.            Joey Revelli* (WWCC) 


1.            Kyle Evans* (WWCC)

2.            Sammy Eckhart* (NJC)

3.            William Fish (NC) 



1.            Maverick Keigher* (NJC)

2.            Jake Thompson* (WWCC)

3.            Palmer Schafer* (NC) 



1.            Samuel Freeman* (WWCC)

2.            Sebastian Robles* (NJC) 


1.            Wyatt Monroe* (WWCC)

2.            Josh Betts* (NJC)

3.            Logan Sondrup (NC) 


1.            Dillon Thomas* (NJC)

2.            Jace Anderson* (WWCC)

3.            Yair Moran* (NC) 


1.            Jared Bird* (WWCC)

2.            Hayden Wempen* (NJC)

3.            Porter Fox* (NC) 


1.            Connor Kirkland* (WWCC)

2.            Noah Dohm (OJC)

3.            Braeson Lewis* (NJC) 


1.            Daniel Jordan* (NC)

2.            Landon Brown* (WWCC)

3.            Oscar Soto (NJC) 

First Team All-District

•             Dalton Stutzman (WWCC)

•             Quintel Fuchs (NJC)

•             Kyle Evans (WWCC)

•             Maverick Keigher (NJC)

•             Samuel Freeman (WWCC)

•             Wyatt Monroe (WWCC)

•             Dillon Thomas (NJC)

•             Jared Bird (WWCC)

•             Connor Kirkland (WWCC)

•             Daniel Jordan (NC) 

Second Team All-District

•             Cian Apple (NJC)

•             Boburjon Berdiyorov (NC)

•             Sammy Eckhart (NJC)

•             Jake Thompson (WWCC)

•             Sebastian Robles (NJC)

•             Josh Betts (NJC)

•             Jace Anderson (WWCC)

•             Hayden Wempen (NJC)

•             Noah Dohm (OJC)

•             Landon Brown (WWCC) 

Most Valuable Player

•             Maverick Keigher (NJC) 

Coach of the Year

•             Mike Mendoza (NJC)