Early Goal For Women Is Stymied By Streak of Goals By Badgers

Early Goal For Women Is Stymied By Streak of Goals By Badgers

In a two game weekend series, the Plainswomen hosted the Snow College Badgers.  In their previous game against Northeast, the women had numerous chances to score, so Coach McAlpine was eager to see if they would capitalize on the new day's chances.

In the opening minutes of the game, the Plainswomen were able to take control of the ball, and Sierra Hinkel dished one up to Jaycie Dillenburg as she snuck it past the goalkeeper in the second minute.

After that early goal, the women were wanting to keep the momentum up, but the Badgers scored two cheeky goals to give them the lead after the first 10 minutes. 

The rest of the first half, the Badgers were able to add six more to bring their lead to 8-1.  During the intermission, the girls knew they needed to work on their keys to have a chance at chipping away at the score.

In the second half, play started and it seemed to be an even match.  It was from there that the Badgers kept pressing and added to their score.  As the final horn buzzed, the Badgers had the upper hand on the scoreboard with a score of 12-1.

The next game for the women will be on September 4 as they host the Garden City CC Broncbusters will match beginning at 12 noon.