Late Goal Leads to Plainsmwomen’s Defeat

Late Goal Leads to Plainsmwomen’s Defeat

Aug. 30, 2018, Sterling, Colo. – The women's soccer team finished up their two-game road trip in Kansas where they played against the Pratt Community College Beavers. The Plainswomen had just come off a big win against the Garden City Broncbusters, and were looking to take that into their game against the Beavers.

Just like the day before, the Plainswomen did not know much about Pratt, so they relied on playing their game in order to dictate their success. Little did they know that Northeastern would match up toe to toe with the Beavers, and this game would be a battle.

Neither team scored in the first half, and the game remained 0-0 at halftime. The Plainswomen had a chance to put one away, but could not make find the right girl at the right time. In the second half, the game mirrored the first with both teams having opportunities to score, but neither was able to capitalize. In the final five minutes of play, the first goal was scored, but by the opposition. A Beaver attacker got past the Plainswomen defense, which forced Nohelia Pena, Northeastern Goalkeeper, to come away from the goal to try to make the stop. Pena tried to make a last-ditch effort to stop the Pratt attacker but was unsuccessful, resulting in a Beaver goal.

Although the Plainswomen fell to the Beavers 1-0, it was an opportunity for Northeastern to compete in a close game and dig deep to find another gear.

The Plainswomen will travel Gillette, Wyo. to play the Pronghorns on Saturday, Sept. 1, then follow it up with a game against Northwest College on Sept. 2.