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Otero Beats Plainswomen For 1st Home Loss

Otero Beats Plainswomen For 1st Home Loss

Sterling, Colo...

The NJC women's soccer team played their final home game of the regular season against Otero Junior College on Saturday, October 9th.  Northeastern has had a very successful season at home this year with four wins, one tie, and now a loss to bring them to 4-1-1.  To add to the excitment of their season, the Plainswomen also played in another overtime game on Saturday against the Rattlers making it the 5th on the season.  Earlier in the season the Plainswomen faced Otero on their home turf beating them 1-0, so it was only fitting the rivals were looking for revenge, in which they got defeating NJC 2-1.  Twelve sophmores played their final home regular season game as a Plainswoman.  To finish off the regular season, Northeastern will be traveling to Wyoming to face two conference competitors in Central Wyoming College and Northwest College.  One win on the trip will guarentee a home playoff game on Saturday, October 23rd and two wins on the trip would lock in a 2nd place finish in the conference.

(Game Recap 10/9) Plainswomen vs. Otero JC = Loss 2-1

Otero Goal #1 - NJC turnover in the backfield, Otero gets 1 on 1 opportunity, shot beats goalkeeper high to take lead

NJC Goal # 1 - NJC equalizes as Valeria Perez drifts out wide, finds Yadira Ramos who slips between defenders and beats goalkeeper for her 7th goal of season

Otero Goal #2 - In overtime, lots of wind, Rattlers back line passes a long ball that sails over NJC defenders to find Hannah Paschke who beats goalkeeper for the win

Breakdown: Very windy game which limited the amount of long ball passes and in-air shots.  First half seen lots of action between the two teams as they went in tied at the buzzer.  Second half didn't see much as the wind continued to be a major factor in both teams play.  In the first minute of overtime, the Rattlers were able to score the game winning goal on a misread by the NJC defenders.  Northeastern had a total of 8 shots with only 3 being on goal.  Otero had a total of 10 shots with 8 being on goal.  Each team recorded one yellow card.



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