Air Force Prep Outlasts NJC

Air Force Prep Outlasts NJC

Colorado Springs, Colo...

Northeastern women's basketball started the 21-22 regular season off with a trip to Colorado Springs to face the Air Force prep team.  The Plainswomen have four returning players in their sophmore season and nine freshmen who are seeing their first collegiate competition of their career's.  Coming off of a tough season last year with player complications and an off kilter season due to Covid, NJC was happy to get back onto the court.  This next week, women's basketball will again be on the road for three games in as many days in Nebraska.  They will play Hastings JV on Friday, November 5th, Northeast Community College on Saturday the 6th and York JV on Sunday the 7th.  Then turn around and play Northwest College on Tuesday the 9th.  The season will start with several road games before their first home game on the 11th.

(Game Recap 11/1) Plainswomen vs. Air Force Prep = Loss 74-67

1st Quarter: Plainswomen got off to a sluggish start to the game.  They struggled to make any defensive stops as well as shots.  NJC started to get in some foul trouble early.  Scored ended 24-15 Air Force.

2nd Quarter: NJC was able to stay more even with the scoring.  Foul trouble continued to hurt the Plainswomen as well as the 3-ball.  Air Force shot really well from the field in the first half.  Score ended 38-25 at half.

3rd Quarter: With foul trouble and a large deficit, the Plainswomen needed to find some intensity to get back into the game.  Air Force had several players scoring during the third quarter while NJC had only three.  Scored ended 57-44.

4th Quarter: Northeastern had a more balanced quarter in scoring and defensive stops.  NJC was able to out score Air Force 23-17 in the fourth, but was to late in the match to make a comeback.  Final score was 74-67.

Breakdown: Freshman Dalys McGuinnis led the Plainswomen in scoring with 25 points coming off of the bench.  Sophmore's Filippa Goula and Nailea Nicholas had a combined 28 points for NJC, but both ended up fouling out of the game.  Liana Gkompetzisvili added 8 points in the loss.  Northeastern will need a more balanced scoring and defensive approach in their upcoming games in order to keep experienced players in the game.  The Plainswomen shot 77% from the free throw line.