Plainswomen Go 3-0 On Nebraska Road Trip

Plainswomen Go 3-0 On Nebraska Road Trip

The Plainswomen basketball team took a step in the right direction this past weekend as they went on a 3 game road trip to Nebraska.  During the trip, they faced the Hastings College JV, Northeast Community College and York College JV.  NJC has a three game winning steak going into their next game on Wednesday against Northwest College.  This contest is another road game for the Plainswomen before they have a couple games at home to cotinue on the 21-22 season.

Hastings, Neb...

(Game Recap 11/5) Plainswomen vs. Hastings JV = Won 60-42

1st Quarter - NJC had a balanced first quarter in scoring against Hastings JV.  Score ended 17-16, Hastings JV leads.

2nd Quarter - A defensive battle between teams as the scoring was kept minimal, each team scoring 10.  Halftime score of 27-26, Hastings JV.

3rd Quarter - Plainswomen came out more poised and were able to outscore their opponent 16-11.  Lead changed, NJC up at end of third 42-38.

4th Quarter - A battle down low as NJC turned up the inside presence, dominating Hastings JV in the fourth quarter, outscoring them by 14.  Game ends 60-42.

Breakdown: The second half was very productive on both sides of the court for the Plainswomen.  They were able to get more scoring opportunities and took advantage of them.  Leading NJC in scoring was Filippa Goula with 22 points.  Backing her up with 16 points was Nailea Nicholas, who had a big fourth quarter.

Norfolk, Neb...

(Game Recap 11/6) Plainswomen vs. Northeast Community College = Won 65-62

1st Quarter - Neck in neck scoring with NCC.  Scored ended 18-17 NCC.

2nd Quarter - NCC was able to take advantage of some turnovers and outscored NJC 15-11.  Score going into halftime was 33-28.

3rd Quarter - Plainswomen found some rhythm behind the arc and down low.  NJC closed the gap as the score ended 46-44 in favor of NCC.

4th Quarter - NJC found their niche at the end by dominating the paint with 12 of their 18 fourth quarter points taking place there.  Game ended 65-62 NJC.

Breakdown: Another first half where NJC couldn't keep up with its opponent.  The second half proved again to be the Plainswomen's dominating time as they outscored their opponents 37-29, enough to overcome the first half deficit.  Sophmore Filippa Goula led the Plainswomen with 21 points.  Nailea Nicholas and Liana Gkompetzisvili combined for 28.  The bench recorded 12 points together.  Overall, the Plainswomen shot 42.9% from the field and 87.5% from the free throw line.  Northeaster had 19 turnovers to NCC's 15.

York, Neb...

(Game Recap 11/7) Plainswomen vs. York JV = Won 88-46

1st Quarter - NJC came out of the gates scoring more points in the first quarter than any game this season.  At end of the 1st, NJC was up 27-11.

2nd Quarter - Another big scoring quarter from the Plainswomen.  NJC again scored more than 20 in the quarter.  Score at halftime was 53-22.

3rd Quarter - Northeastern went on another tear scoring 21 in the 3rd to York JV's 8.  Score ended 74-30.

4th Quarter - With a big lead, NJC was able to get their bench players some quality time.  This was the only quarter York JV out scored NJC.  Game ended 88-46.

Breakdown: Northeastern dominated the game from start to finish.  Each player on the team got to see playing time in the win.  The starters for NJC combined for 59 points.  Filippa Goula marched on with another 20+ point performance.  Kenzie Kraich came off the bench with 9 points, her best outing of the season.  NJC forced York JV to have 30 turnovers, with Goula tallying 8 steals on her own.  NJC struggled behind the arc with a 3 point percentage a shy over 18.