First Half Goals Lead To Plainswomen Defeat

First Half Goals Lead To Plainswomen Defeat

On Faculty/Staff appreciation day on the pitch, the Plainswomen played host to the Trinidad State Trojans.  This game would mark the beginning of the Region IX play for the women, so this game counted in regards to where they will be seeded for tournament play.  With the stage set, the game was ready to be played.

The match started off with the Plainswomen moving the ball down the field and looking as if they would be able to play their way to a few goals.  But once the Trojans were able to settle in and get a feel for the game, they started to aggressively attack the Northeastern defense. 

The first goal came by the Trojans as they split the defense and had a one-on-one opportunity versus the Northeastern keeper, Katie Saunders, and was able to score.  Shortly after, the Trojans were able to score another to take the 2-0 lead over the Plainswomen.  The women were trying to advance the ball, but TSJC was able to anticipate the passes and intercept them.

As time ran down, head coach Ken McAlpine knew that his players needed to be more aggressive and not shy away from pressure.  It was at half when he explained that to the ladies and encouraged them to be more aggressive on defense and pressure them to make mistakes.  From then, it was a whole different team.

In the second half, the Plainswomen were able to have more chances for scoring opportunities, but were unable to capitalize.  Additionally, the ball seemed to be more in Northeastern's offensive zone more, which is exactly what McAlpine wanted.  Although NJC played better, they were unable to get over the first half hump and lost 2-0.

The women will be back in action tomorrow (Saturday September 9) as they host Otero JC.  WEAR GOLD!